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Everything started with a chat and also a few beers just thinking to bring people we can share and open bottles as well lol!!

Over the past 9 years Maison Bougainvillea have been hosted more than 10,000 guests around the globe.

Everything started like a guests house and them we move to the next step become a hostel but with a homely touch, that’s why we always call it home or like people love to mention in their reviews the Oasis of Antigua Guatemala with this amazing roof terrace where you can have a magical experience.

We been hosted business people, singers, Google and Facebook developers  filmmakers(also Maison Bougainvillea had been taken as place to have nice shoots in many projects).

MB has their own concept and personality only your spark of energy makes it better every time you are welcome to Bougainvillea World in Antigua Guatemala!

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